Hi loves 

I hope you are all well and welcome back to my blog. 

My local chemist had a huge sale on their hair and I went in and  got what I needed. Ofcourse the temptation was very high to take advantage of the sale and try things out but I resisted and only got what was on the list. 

I needed a moisturising shampoo because my hair has been really dry lately and I found this one.  

I’ve heard so much about this range so I though I give this one a go. On the packaging it says it’s free from sulfates, parepans, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten and dyes. It has a beautiful coconut smell and it’s a creamy shampoo, that’s why I thought this might my helpful.  The original price is $14.99 and I got it for $7.49. I will definitely update you guys on what I think of it. 

The next thing that I got is from Palmers too and this one is a leave in conditioner as my hair has been really dry due to bleaching and colouring. 

This has the same beautiful coconut smell and natural. The original price of this one was $12.99 and I got it for $6.49. 

If you have any favourite hair products for dry/damaged hair please let me know, I will really appreciate that. 

As always thanks for stopping by and reading my post and have a great day/night. 

Lots of love 💕🌺