Hi beauties and welcome back to my blog.
I’m back with another post and today I’m sharing my top 3 favourite liquid lipsticks with you guys.
I personally love wearing liquid lipsticks over regular lipsticks because I don’t like to worry about reapplying my lipstick throughout the day (especially when I’m with people or in public). The other reason is that I am a very messy eater and I eat  LOT so after every meal almost all the makeup around my mouth is gone and if I’m wearing regular lipstick well it’s going to disappear in like 2 seconds lol, that’s why I like liquid lipsticks.
In this video I’m only sharing 3 of the ones that I really like but I know for sure we have way too many great ones out there that I haven’t even tried yet. I picked one from every price range and they all come in lots of different, beautiful colours.
I’m still looking to try more and find new favourites so if you guys have a favourite liquid lipstick that you think I need to try please let me know.
I hope you find this video helpful and as always thank you so much for stopping by.
Lots of love. 💕


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